Recycled Shipping Containers Saves Money & Space

The Ultimate in Constructing Eco-Friendly Living Space

All across the globe, we use shipping containers to move large quantities of goods from one country to the next. Now, what happens to these containers once they have served their purpose? Do they get tossed to the bottom of the ocean? Are the bits and pieces shot into outer space? Actually, they’re being converted into luxury homes, beach homes, camping cottages and more. That’s right, today, designers and architects everywhere are making good use of these shipping behemoths. Have you ever heard of a shipping container home? If you haven’t, you will – these babies are on the rise when it comes to eco-friendly living.

In European countries, the use of the shipping container home has been around for a few decades. They’ve certainly increased and ‘container cities’ have been popping up all across the continent. They’re even used as dorm rooms for universities – saving the students, and the schools, some nice pocket change.

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Freight Container Homes: the new pre-fab house

Old Freight Containers Get a New Lease on Green Building

I was reading one of my favorite green blogs, The Greenest Dollar, where she discussed the ups and downs of selling her home in our present economy to live a more frugal, yet greener life by building their own freight container home. The author and I share similar values regarding saving money and saving the environment.

I first heard about freight container homes, an old idea, but with a new twist on pre-fab house, about a year ago. I was intrigued, and hooked that this could (and will probably) be an economical way to house the homeless and destitute. I didn’t think of freight container homes to be an eco alternative to overpriced homes in the suburbs or multi-family apartment complexes. However, now that I’ve seen some pretty ultra-modern style structures, I’ve changed my mind.

Check out these neo-fab freight container homes below, which are not your everyday shipyard variety. Who knew a builder could do so much with steel boxes? And the cost to buy and design your very own shipping freight container home? Around $40k, give or take $10k, and depending on where you build and how many containers you use.

Eco friendly freight container homes are sturdy and energy efficient. Courtesy of
Modular freight container homes offer versatility.
These recycled freight containers can be custom designed with reclaimed materials. Photo from