Are Rubbermaid Products BPA Free?

Learn more about which products are BPA free and ones that could be potentially harmful to your health. If you must use Rubbermaid plastic products, ensure they are BPA free.

Rubbermaid Comes Clean by Disclosing
Which Storage Containers are BPA Free

Several plastic food containers from Rubbermaid are BPA free like this Flex Seal canister.

According to Rubbermaid’s website, they are many products that are BPA free including the Flex Seal and Servin’ Saver series are 2 of many food containers that are BPA free. Other products that are BPA free include:

  • Premier (only the ones produced as of March 2010 are BPA free) check the bottom of the container for the BPA free symbol
  • Produce Saver
  • Lock Its
  • Take-a-longs
  • LockIts Canisters
  • Collapsibles
  • Round & Square Jars
  • Durable butter and cake keeper
  • Servin’ Saver
  • EZ tops
  • Basic containers

Other BPA free products are listed on their website, if you are not sure whether or not those Rubbermaid containers are leaching harmful toxins in your food.