Recycle 6 Pack Plastic Rings into Useful Tote

I am looking for directions how to make a bag out of 6 pack plastic rings like those on soda and beer. I know I have seen someone do this, but can’t remember what is used to hold the rings together and how to make the handle.

If you have a link or directions, I’d appreciate it…I will post here so my readers can use it too.

Don’t want have the creative flair to make a recycled craft from plastic soda rings? Then do be kind to animals, and cut through all the circles to prevent turtles and other animals from becoming caught in them or thinking they are food and choking them. See a video here about deformed turtles caught in plastic rings.

In the meantime, I came across a few helpful recycled craft links.

My suggestions for recycled crafts – recycle it, don’t trash it!

My Recycled Bags

Ways to Reuse Plastic Rings from eHow

6 Pack Ring Chandeliers and Snowflakes from Pakit Products


Repurpose Old Household Items Into Usable Ones

Stop! Don’t throw out all those paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, old broken crayons, unwanted towels, holey jeans and t-shirts and plastic shopping bags and household trash…did you know that they can be reused to make other fun things?

There’s been a very popular movement the last few years to reuse and repurpose items rather than just toss them in the trash. It’s gaining in popularity because crafters have embraced using household items in green crafts.

The idea behind reusing household items in craft projects is to reduce the amount of trash going to our landfills. I think it also encourages us to THINK how much we consume and the results of that consumption–more trash!

How Can You Reuse Or Repurpose Unwanted Household Items?

I came up with a plastic storage bin of worn towels, unused sheets (don’t fit my bed), old t-shirts and blue jeans that didn’t fit that I felt I couldn’t quite part with.

I’m finding all sorts of fun ways to reuse & repurpose lots of things! Just knowing I’ve kept something out of the landfill is rewarding, but I love seeing an item have new life as something else!

Old Towels: lining for potholders, re-hemmed to wash cloths, reusable Swiffer cloths, doggie pillows. You can also donate your old towels to animal shelters.

Old or unused sheets: curtains, pillows, clothing.

Old jeans: tote bags, purses, aprons, and tablecloths. I’m dying to make a gardening apron when my husband tosses some worn out jeans!

Ideas are from Green Crafts, check out more ideas to live a greener life.

Recycle Candy Boxes for Unique Gift Boxes

It’s always great when you can find new uses for old things. So why throw away old heart-shaped or rectangular candy boxes when you can get crafty and use them to create some unique jewelry boxes? Here are some ideas, courtesy of eHow:

First, clean out the box so that no chocolate bits remain. Using a hot glue gun, glue batting on the parts of the box that you wish to cover in fabric. Cut away any excess batting. Next, cover the batting with fabric of your choosing. Velvet, satin, silk, and brocade are all good choices for the heart-shaped boxes, sticking with the romantic theme. For rectangular boxes, any fabric will do. You can use white craft glue to attach the fabric. Cut away any excess material. Cover the bottom section of the box the same way, but make sure that the fabric isn’t so thick that you can’t close the box.

If you want different compartments in your box, you’ll have to create dividers. Figure out how many sections you want, and create dividers using heavy cardboard. Measure them so that they are 1/8 shorter to make a little room for the felt. Choose a color of felt that goes well with the fabric you chose for the top of the box. Using white craft glue, glue felt to the dividers and set them aside to dry. They will be added later.

Next you’ll want to line the inside of the box with felt. Use white craft glue, since hot glue will leave ridges or lumps in the inside of the box. Cut away the excess felt. When the glue is dry, add the divider sections you made earlier, and glue them into place.

You can trim the box using a variety of embellishments, like ribbon or lace. This is not just for decoration, but also to cover up the fabric and felt edges.

Use whatever you like to decorate the top. Buttons, lace, ribbons, silk flowers, charms, and appliques are all great options. Use your imagination! Whether the jewelry box is for you or for a friend, it will be something unique made to suit your own personal style.

Courtesy of, a great resource for all types of packing and shipping supplies as well as crafty projects made from these products.