Plastic State of Mind Musical Parody Forces Change – Will You?

I found a song I really like and an environmental cause I really believe in all wrapped into one…the result this video about making one change in your life….reducing the use of one time plastics such as plastic grocery bags, plastic bottles and plastic ware.

The Truth Behind Biodegradable Plastics

biodegradable cold cups
These cups were made with biodegradable plastic derived from corn.

Fast Facts about non-biodegradable plastic (I’ve been waiting for these)

  • non-biodegradable plastics contains toxic chemicals that endanger the earth, atmosphere and water
  • there are absolutely no safe methods to dispose of plastic waste
  • according to the Energy Information Administration, plastic consumes around 331 million barrels of oil a year – accounting for about 4.6 percent of the US petroleum consumption

Choose biodegradable plastic instead:

  • hemp – has been around since the Henry Ford era. According to Sustainable Life Media, European automotive companies have also began replacing fiberglass with biodegradable plastic/hemp composites. Great news for the automotive world.
  • corn – Great renewable product but it is only biodegradable at 140 degrees or more; therefore, will not likely decompose in your backyard compost. There are factories that are able to degrade this renewable plastic. However, it can be used both for lightweight and sturdy construction.
  • chicken feathers (a major contributor to agricultural waste in US) – a creative idea to reduce waste and chicken farmers have a new way to market their chickens.

Look for alternatives to non-biodegradable plastic when you go shopping; items made from corn or hemp are explicitly stated on the item. Let’s lessen our dependency on foreign and domestic oil production together.

Read the article in its entirety at Renewable Energy News.