Blue Potatoes Provide Extra Nutrients in Healthy Meals

Yes, Virginia, There Really are Such Things as Blue Potatoes!

No, these farm grown potatoes do not contain a chemical dye or have a color deficiency. These are called “blue potatoes” even though they give off a purplish color. There are several varieties of potatoes including blue, purple, red, white and yellow.

We have all heard that white starchy foods, like potatoes, are not good for our health; however, according to one article,

“vibrantly colored vegetables are often more nutrient-packed than ones with tamer hues, and that holds true for potatoes as well. Red and bluefleshed potatoes, get their color from pigments called anthocyanins. In other foods, like grapes and berries, these anthocyanins have been shown to protect cells against oxidative damage, which is responsible for many age-related diseases.”

Blue potatoes are more healthy than their white counterparts.

Blue potatoes taste just the same as regular white potatoes, but they do retain their antioxidant capacity according to one researcher. Blue potato chips can be found in some grocery stores as well. Try using blue potatoes in place of regular white potatoes not only will your healthy recipe have color, but you will also have added nutrients. Try one of my favorite recipes, Veggie Friatta with blue potatoes.

It is recommended that you either grow your own blue, purple or red potatoes in your garden or buy them from area farmers, so that you receive the best tasting blue potatoes and the freshest. Buying local also saves energy, fuel and cost.

You can still buy blue potatoes, however, you probably won’t be able to buy the seeds until Spring 2011. I recommend Star Gazer Perennials because they are a certified organic seed reseller.