Welcome New Blogger, Kelly!


It’s been a work in progress, but I’ve hired one new blogger to keep this site updated monthly.

Please give a warm welcome to Kelly! We met many years ago in high school and we were reunited about a year ago when I relocated to my hometown. I’m soo excited to have her on board as a writer, friend and greener living advocate.

Kelly has dabbled in freelance writing, but nothing as exciting as Just About Greener Living. Her passions include baking her own bread and making food from scratch without additives or preservatives. “Passionate about using Scratch Cooking as a way to be healthier and healthier for the planet too,” Kelly says.

If she won the lottery, “I’d give everyone in my family professional mixers because they’ve been my most useful kitchen tool.”

Kelly is a true angel of the heart, she enjoys helping people out in any way she can whether it’s cooking a meal or donating some of her own canned food to just lending an ear.

A Random Act of Kindness Kelly likes is, “giving strangers a compliment to make their day.”

Look for blogs about her experiences and love of cooking, canning and other homesteading topics.

Got a question about the above topics for Kelly? Email kpelton@greenerlivingblog.com

Welcome to the Just About Greener Living family and advocating a healthier lifestyle for the planet!

Celebrate Earth Day 2012 – 1 Billion #Green Acts

Happy Earth Day 2012! Celebrate today wherever you are and contribute to the 1 billion acts of green. People around the world are contributing to the Billion Acts of Green. What are you doing today?

Although it’s cold and rainy where I am today, I did buy American grown strawberries that I am going to freeze and use them later for delicious strawberry smoothies and sorbet. Also bought cage free eggs (yes, they were more expensive than others), I felt good about these 2 acts of green.

Enjoy your day…spread the green today!

Greener Living Tips: Eco Friendly Living Rooms

Green and Eco-friendly Living Room Tips

Going green is a great idea for a variety of different reasons. The top two reasons to go green include helping the environment and saving money. What many people don’t realize is that you can start going green right in the center of your own home, ie: your living room. The living room is often the center of relaxing, entertainment, family bonding, and more. So why not make your living room more eco-friendly with these easy tips!

Check Your Thermostat
Since the thermostat for your house is often located in your living room, it’s a great place to start. Make your wallet and the environment happy by simply turning down your thermostat in the winter and turning it up in the summer. Of course, you don’t have to freeze or melt either. By changing your thermostat just a few degrees, you’ll be making a huge difference. You’ll also see your energy bill go down a bit too, especially if you’re keeping you’re thermostat at more eco-friendly temperatures throughout the year. And make sure you don’t have anything warm (like electronics that create a heat byproduct) near your thermostat otherwise it can alter the AC or heat.

Buy Secondhand and Vintage
It’s official. Vintage is in the season once again and is continuing to make a great comeback when it comes to furniture and décor. So instead of purchasing a brand new sofa, paintings, vases, and more, try checking out local antique stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, freecycle.com, and craigslist. These locations and websites have a ton of different options for vintage and secondhand items for your living room. Plus you might just score a $200 item for about $20 bucks!

Invest in Drapes and Curtains
Drapes or curtains are great things to have. They can keep sun out during the harsh summer months and help lock in heat during bitter cold seasons. Needless to say they are a relatively inexpensive way to help regulate temperature within your living room. And don’t just limit it to your living room either, follow this simple tip for the rest of your house as well, including your bedroom.

A great way to go green is with your appliances. Make sure your TV meets energy standards and is one of the most eco-friendly on the market today. Don’t be afraid to shop around either. Also, invest in other green electronics as well, including stereo systems and gaming systems. Another great tip is to make sure your electronic devices are unplugged when not in use. You may think that just because they’re off it means they’re not using energy, but it’s not true. Unplug and save money!

Keep Your Fireplace Clean
Many of us have fireplaces in our homes. These are great for a variety of different reasons, including keeping warm during the winter. Not only that, but they create a cozy atmosphere. However, go green with your fireplace by keeping it clean. Hire a chimney sweep often to reduce ash buildup and more. Make sure you burn clean burning logs too.

Original article by Rachel Krech, AssociatedContent.com

Clean Hair Without Shampoo?

Stop using commercial shampoos and switch to an alternative that won’t harm your hair and will help the environment too. This shampoo free alternative only has 2 ingredients found in your kitchen.

Commercial Shampoo Strips Away Natural Oils, Try a Cleaner Alternative

I’ve been looking online for an shampoo alternative, something that I wouldn’t have to buy every couple months in non-recyclable plastic bottles (you know, how I don’t like plastic, right?) I would really like to use all natural made soap, shampoo, dish and laundry detergent as well. All these items come in plastic containers or have a plastic wrap, and take up way too much space in my home.

A friend sent me a link to a blog about a woman who gave up shampoo and instead found 2 common items found in your kitchen that really cleanses your hair, without stripping the natural oils in your hair and leaves your hair shiny too. Baking soda and vinegar, that’s it!

Would you be willing to give up your generic or brand name shampoo and conditioner for something you can make yourself, save money, space and the environment? My friends are trying it this week, I can’t wait to hear what they have to say. These aren’t my normal green-good-for-the-environment friends either, so this shampoo alternative has got to be a good idea.

Please read SimpleMom’s blog about why you should find a greener shampoo alternative as well as how to make this simple shampoo with the ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen cupboard.

Greener Living Blog Feed is Now Active

Thanks to a dedicated reader, I have figured how to fix the feed on the blog. So it looks like things are working okay, at least posts are appearing under the RSS widget.

Thanks to a dedicated reader, I have figured how to fix the feed on the blog. So it looks like things are working okay, at least posts are appearing under the RSS widget.

Please let me know if you are having any other problems. I am not a programmer, but I’m learning some on-the-job coding via friends and programming books.

It seems as if the Adsense code was blocking the RSS feeds, so I had to move them down with the posts. Although I see that these ads are displaying ads relevant to my blog content, which must mean my content is keyword rich & better than before.

Hang in there with me, I’m learning & want to provide the best content about Greener Living, dangers of BPA in plastics, and topics about living a more earth friendly lifestyle (I had to include some kind of green words in this blog!)

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some topic ideas…give me your nickel’s worth of ideas below!

Greener Living: Guide to the Best Links for Living a Green Life

I just found this great site that has some of the best links about everything on living a green life, I just had to share it with you too!

Check out the book as well – it’s an inspirational read too: It’s Easy Being Green (and we’re not talking about Kermit here either).

Green Matters – Links

What are you doing to live a greener life? You’ve made the right choice by reading this blog. We will continue to provide links, tips, thoughts, news and other healthy eco info here as well.

How to Live a Greener Life – One Day at a Time

You can turn over a new leaf and live a greener lifestyle with these 7 easy tips.

7 Ways to Live Greener

Recycling is just one way to green your lifestyle.

What’s stopping you from turning over a new (green) leaf? Do you think it takes too much time or your friends, room mates or family will thing you’re a tree hugger of sorts? Cast all those worries aside, it’s time to get educated and change your lifestyle not only for the Earth but also for your health!

You too can have a greener life – here are 7 ways to start:

1. RECYCLE – I know that since I started recycling several years ago (I never really stopped, just recycled different items), my trash has decreased by 50%. I only carry out 1 bag of trash every week. I only have a family of 2, so if your family is bigger, then maybe you might have a little more.

2. Start a COMPOST – Reduce your weekly trash by another 25% by contributing your fruit and vegetable bits as well as yard trimmings to a compost bin either inside or outside. Americans throw away about 96 billion pounds of food every year, according to SolidWasteDistrict.com. You can also save these bits in a small bin on your countertop and take it to a community garden or other local farm that utilizes composting. Check out the types of compost bins available at CompostBins.com or build a compost yourself.

3. Buy REUSABLE (NON PLASTIC) WATER BOTTLES – I asked for a stainless steel water bottle last year for Easter, then I bought 2 more for family members and have never regretted it. There are several types of reusable water bottles, but only a couple are really safe for you to reuse over and over. I believe stainless steel is the best kind, and if you find a double cylinder steel bottle it will keep your drinks colder longer. Although the same tips apply to reusable water bottles as disposable ones; don’t leave it in your car all day, do not freeze it and remember to wash it everyday. I use vinegar or baking soda and water to clean out my stainless steel water bottle.

4. Only use REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS – I think almost every grocery store now offers a selection of reusable grocery bags whether they are made from recycled cotton, soda bottles or another recycled material. I now own over 7 reusable grocery bags that I purchased from Walmart, they are also completely washable, and can hold up to 4 plastic bags worth of groceries. I know there are a few stores who will even reimburse you a nickel for each reusable grocery bag you use. And many know that California has now enforced many retailers to stop supplying plastic grocery bags. I think this act needs to be the law for the rest of the 49 states. You can put more items in a reusable grocery bag than its plastic counterpart thus leaving with less bags. There is no need to double bag anything nor wrap meat in a separate bag. A good tip is to pack all your cold or frozen items together, and keep your boxed and fresh produce in separate bags.

5. Use CFL BULBS – I bought a 6 pack of Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs when I moved into my apartment 2 years ago and haven’t had to change 1 bulb yet (except for the one I accidentally broke). Every table lamp has an energy efficient CFL bulb that’s guaranteed to last 5 years (keep your receipt and the warranty in the same place). If you can’t afford to switch all your bulbs at once, then replace one or two at a time. There are CFL bulbs to replace traditional chandelier bulbs and indoor reflector bulbs. Home repair stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot carry a variety of CFLs as well as almost any other retail store. I suggest buying a 4 or 6 pack, and if you have extras share them with a friend or neighbor.

6.  REUSABLE CLOTH NAPKINS – Reduce your contribution to the already millions of tons of paper waste in America. You can get an average of 3 -4 uses from a cotton napkin before you really need to wash it Better yet, scour the thrift stores; they are usually found with the rest of the kitchen and bath towels and tablecloths. Pick up material scraps and make your own, oftentimes you don’t even need a sewing machine. Start with a minimum of 2 sets (one for each family member who lives in your household) and build your way up from there. Once you start using them on a regular basis, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using them sooner.

7. UNPLUG unnecessary APPLIANCES – Even though it’s not turned on your computer, cell phone charger, microwave, coffee pot, crock pot and bedroom TV are generating electricity at your cost. If you’re not using it, unplug it or use a multi-outlet that has a switch. Why let “phantom energy” rob you every month. It may seem worthless, but I’m sure at the end of the month you’ll find it really made cents!