#Green News: Cleveland Startup Unveils Delicious & Nutritious Chocolate Protein Bar

Top-Selling Bar at Heinen’s; Second Place Winner at COSE small-business competition

A candy bar that’s good for you? No way! you say, but you better believe it- Good Greens has created a local and truly revolutionary product that everyone can love. Gluten free, vegan, low glycemic and dairy free, our bars are perfect for celiacs, vegans and diabetics, and anyone who wants a delicious healthy whole food bar.

Recently, Good Greens placed second in the COSE small business competition among four finalists. The company pitched their business plan and market results to a panel of judges that included ABC Shark Tank’s Daymond John. The team took home a $10,000 check and got to mingle with great new Cleveland entrepreneurs.

PurUs Health, LLC, founded in 2011 by Keith Pabley, is the maker of Good Greens products. Formerly ZingGo! this company has rebranded and is running better than ever. Located in Shaker Heights, our office is buzzing with a team hard at work. The company, established in May, has already gotten their four flavors of bars (Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Wildberry) into Heinen’s, Marc’s, Dave’s, Mustard Seed, Liquid Planet, Kr0eger’s, as well as online at Amazon.com, Alice.com, through their Facebook store and on their own website.

The products patented Z-52 superfood powder is the powerhouse behind the unbelievable nutrition of Good Greens bars- the secret sauce, if you will. This powder is packed with dehydrated fruits and vegetables and vitamins that most people don’t get in their daily diets. Good Greens powder is easy to mix into any drink, or even to cook with, and the bars are the best option on the market when you need to grab-and-go.

At Good Greens we believe that there should be a simple and delicious way to get the nutrients your body needs. From toddlers to seniors, we want to supply every body with the vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants that it deserves. In a world where there never seems to be enough time to eat healthy, Good Greens is here to remedy the fast food situation. We offer you real whole food, natural and organic bars that taste delicious and give you the energy you need to take on the day.

**The following news release was sent to me personally. As of posting, I have not received any product or compensation for posting this PR. Although I look forward to trying one of these tempting Good Greens’  bar myself.**

2011 Will Bring More Green Awareness by Consumers and Agencies

It’s not just about forecasting about employment rates and growth of the economy for 2011; consumers, government agencies and green companies are finally getting savvy enough to know what’s good for the environment and what needs to be changed.

What will 2011 bring to the table? Read about 5 green trends according to EnterpriseNews.

1. Savvy green consumers: More companies are marketing their “green” products and services; however, consumers are much wiser about what is really good for the earth and what is just “dust in the wind” when it comes to “greenwashing.” In face, “in 2011, the Federal Trade Commission will revise its guidelines for environmental marketing claims to combat “greenwashing,” or misleading information about environmental benefits of a product or practices of a company.” While you may not the difference between organic and non-organic, you can be aware by reading product labels and question advertising claims.

2. “Eco-superior” consumer products: Consumers want to have more choice for green products, but they also want them to deliver. Thus we will see more of these “eco-superior” products appearing in 2011.

3. Urban farming goes mainstream: Consumers and communities want more green in their cities, and they will likely get it too. More “municipalities across the country are revising their rules for keeping chickens, bees and other animals as Americans grow more concerned with eating local, unprocessed foods.” Also, more restaurants are taking on more liberal sustainability initiatives without relenting to government control. Cleveland, Ohio, has at least 2 restaurants that only buy local food – all year long. That’s keeping people coming back, costs down and local farmers happy.

4. Green data centers: Enormous computer centers evidently also consume exorbitant amounts of energy. So you’ll hear more about cutting down on energy by using “green data centers,” and your banking account info along with all your online passwords will still be safe from hackers. “The move towards “cloud computing,” or storing our data on the Internet, could also mean significant reductions in carbon emissions.”

5. Buying quality that’s built to last: Cheap products that wind up in the trash and thus add to the enormous emissions of chemical gas rising from landfills have many government agencies and green consumer advocates outraged. Consumers now see the error of their spending habits. So this year, 2011, you will most likely see more people buying locally made products or frequenting thrift stores more so than big box retail stores.