Worst #Fast #Food Restaurants For Your Health

I hope you know by now how dangerously unhealthy fast food is in America. You know, but you close your eyes when you bite into that 35 gram patty at the Golden Arches or the meat by-products or something like that from that South of the Border place (ok, so the company refuted these false claims, it is real meat, but it’sstill not healthy). Even though the King of Burgers advertises its Angus burger is pure 1/3 pound of beef, does it really look and taste like Uncle Steve’s grilled burgers on Labor Day? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

We can be some really stubborn self-indulged Americans when it comes to convenience and food, hence the name “fast food.”

Besides knowing that there is more fat (the bad kind) in one fast food burger (or chicken) from fast food restaurants in the US than any person would ever need in a week, there is also an unmentionable amount of dangerous toxins and preservatives too. Toxins = toxic. Preservatives = the stuff that keeps your body from decaying (Ewww!).

What fast food restaurants do you really need to avoid (well, all of them) and especially what menu items are the worst foods for you? Read the list and find what you’ve been feeding your body. Then go home and drink plenty of filtered (not bottled) water to wash it out of your system.

A Few of the Worst Fast Food Menu Items

Taco Bell – $2 meal deals (ack, that was my fave) – liquid sugar, 1 bag of chips with MSG and preservatives and something that they call a taco or burrito, is not meal sufficient.

KFC – Double Down sandwich – packed with 1,380 mg of sodium, bacon, cheese and squeezed between 2 pieces of chicken. KFC should have had EMT’s waiting in the parking lot for anyone who ordered this heart attack waiting to happen. What were they thinking of?

Worst Fast Food Restaurants in the US

Long John Silvers – everything is deep fried in fat…who gets to taste anything else, Hushpuppies included? Eating here makes you feel like you gained 20 pounds before you even leave the place. Just say “No” to this place.

Pizza Hut – many foodies and food bloggers have said that their pizza is one of the worst fast food choices ever. High fat cheese, high sodium sauce and pepperoni does not equate to any healthy food choices. That includes those crispy fried wings with sauce too. If you must go, order water to drink with lemon to fill yourself up, so you won’t eat so much and it will flush out our system sooner than later.

Carl Jr’s/Hardee’s – cheap eats is what you get as well as the quality. Hardee’s used to be somewhat like a decent fast food place for beef, but something about their food has never quite digested right with my family. Shakes are decent though (still high in fat).

White Castle – nostalgic, yes; heart healthy, no. I’m not even sure if the meat on that little dinner roll is really meat. It’s more like spam with chopped onions. It was once my son’s fave, but I think it must have been only face value. I feel queasy every time after I eat one of those “mini-burgers.” I wonder if they would taste better if made from soybeans?

Of course there are others, and if you have an un-favorite fast food restaurant, please share your thoughts! What do you think is the worst fast food menu choice?

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Suggested healthy reads about unhealthy food choices

Pop Culture Class Blog (lots of good links/sources for feeding a fat nation)

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