Thanksgiving without Turkey? Best Turkey-Free Recipes

I’ve heard more people talk about forgoing the turkey this year and opt for a Thanksgiving meal that is less work, and still delights the tastebuds. (This also includes forging the ham option too.)

Save a turkey and choose delicious vegetarian dishes instead for Thanksgiving this year.

My family and I have chosen to go the vegetarian route and not have a turkey or any other kind of meat this year. While everyone else is scrambling at the grocery stores (Saturday’s shopping at Aldi’s was just the beginning of the rush) to find the last package of celery, carrots or stuffing mix, I was stocking up on canned and fresh vegetables, breads and dairy products.

I found several other meal ideas for your annual family get-together on Thanksgiving that I’m sure you’ll love to try.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes from The Daily Green includes savory and colorful squash soups and side dishes along with desserts that will tickle your tastebuds and not tamper with your waistlines. Enjoy Basmati Rice Pudding and Carrot Pistachio cupcakes to name just a few. A few of these delicious recipes are vegan too (non dairy).

Tofu Turkey for Vegetarians from Natural Mom’s blog shares how to make a vegetarian turkey taste just like it’s bird counterpart. Tofurkeys are more common now, so you may be able to find one that already is complete with herbs and filling.

Simpler Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving ideas from The Ocean Girl Project really have a plethora of ideas and links to other sites that provide a wide variety of healthy, eco-friendly and simple recipe ideas for Thanksgiving whether you’re a vegetarian or not.

Also, remember, you don’t have to cook traditional Pilgrim and Native American meals for Thanksgiving. Make your own family traditions. One year we made a crockpot of chili and had homemade bread, another year we had a homemade Mexican feast (we lived in Arizona at the time) with authentic homemade tortillas and pumpkin pie, and this year we’re suggesting vegetable lasagna, bread, local wine and homemade desserts.