Electric Vehicles Create More #Green in Corporate Fleets

Electric Charging Station

This is so encouraging to hear that more corporate giants are seeking out eco friendly and inexpensive ways to transport goods using electric vehicles.

Frito-Lay added 5 electric delivery vehicles for its NoCal distribution area in addition to their already huge inventory of electric vehicles. Part of PepisCo’s goal to “build the greenest fleet in North America,” Frito-Lay is just one of the companies under PepsiCo’s umbrella.

Other mega-corporations are going greener every year by adding flex fuel or electric vehicles (EV’s) include Comcast Corp, State Farm Insurance Company, AT&T, Eli Lilly, Schwan’s, FedEx, FP&L, Verizon, UPS and PepsiCo.

Read the original article in its entirety at GreenBiz.com

Even my son who is attending a private college in Michigan showed me where his college has EV charging ports for the vehicles the college owns.

So in the next 5-10 years will more EV ports be popping up amongst fuel pumps?


D.O.E. Against Its Own Bright Technology?

Is it surprising that the Department of  Energy doesn’t even use its own energy-saving lightbulbs in its offices?

I find it rather absurd that this department would stockpile incandescent lightbulbs and not use the more economical and energy-efficient CFL bulbs like so many Americans are using in their homes and workspaces. The D.O.E. is the one that suggested we switch in the first place to cut down on our energy consumption.

Read the NYTimes Blog about this absurdity in the Department of Energy – are they really conservatives or not when it comes to saving money on energy?