#BPA Free: Water and Funnel Affects the Quality of a Good Cup of Coffee

Looking for a BPA free coffee maker that makes a tasty cup of coffee? What kind of coffee maker are you using now? I switched from a 4 cup Mr. Coffee to a 12 cup recycled (garage sale item) steel percolator. Love the taste of the coffee, but according to Bunn, the water is a major contributing factor for taste.

Chlorine, well, or filtered water will all have an effect on the taste of your morning (or afternoon) cup of java.

What kind of funnel do you use in your coffee maker – plastic or stainless steel? This will also affect your coffee taste.

Always opt for a stainless steel funnel over a plastic one, unless you know it’s BPA free. Reduce the toxins you ingest through your coffee by choosing stainless steel. Check out Bunn’s selection of steel filters for your Bunn coffee pot.