Making Green Resolutions and Goals for 2013

We survived the end of the world and many of us awoke to a snow covered landscape on December 22, 2012. So while you’re still working on your 2013 resolutions, be sure to include some green goals too.

I changed my focus of making resolutions that I couldn’t stick with to making goals several years ago. Goals are great because if you don’t achieve them, you’re not as disappointed and you may just need to reword them or create smaller goals to achieve the larger one.

Include ways to green your life in 2013.

A few of my goals for 2013 include greener choices for my lifestyle and the environment…hope you have included a few of your own as well!

- Buy more eco friendly cleaning products that aren’t harmful to me, pets or the environment. Through the use of using coupons, I found Method does a better job of cleaning than other brands and they smell soo good! I ditched the other brands in my cupboard. Although a little more expensive, I will buy when Method cleansers are on sale and I have coupons to use. Other eco friendly cleaning products I like include Seventh Generation and Green Works.

- Buy local. It’s true that if you buy from small local businesses and local farms that more of your money goes back to your community. As much as 50% is returned to local businesses when you choose to buy from small businesses and local farms instead of buying from national big box stores. It’s oftentimes easier to just buy all your groceries and home supplies from 1 location; however, I find that I will spend more and pickup more POS items that I DON’T need. Make a list of sale items and stick to it. Buy fresh produce when it’s in season and learn to can/freeze it for the off-season months. Ask your local farmers if they will sell blemished produce for less & buy in bulk. Small businesses love returning customers – tell your friends to shop there too.

- Enjoy nature and the outdoors more than commercial entertainment. Almost every city & town has some acreage that’s reserved just for enjoying. Whether it’s a bike trail, walking trails, ski/sledding hills or man made lakes and ponds – get out and enjoy the fresh air. Health experts say we only need 20 minutes of sunshine to get our daily dose of Vitamin D. And if your little burg doesn’t have a trail, take a walk or work in your yard…green is good for the soul, mind and body!

- Eat less processed food. Not only is it healthy, it’s also better for the environment. Read EVERY label, look for  “artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup (this also goes for any type of high ___ ___ syrup) Yellow #5, sugar substitutes, MSG, BHT, soybean oil” and other ingredients I can’t even pronounce. Here’s a list of 12 Additives to avoid in food for your disgusting enjoyment!

So what’s on your goal list for 2013? Share here!


Happy Thanksgiving – Give Thanks and Prayers

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone gets to spend some quality time with family and friends this holiday whether you eat turkey on Thursday or a meatless meal with friends – remember to say a prayer of thanksgiving for all that you have right now.

Please remember those citizens of foreign countries who are still at war, for our troops who cannot spend time with their own families because they are always on duty protecting our freedoms and for those who are less fortunate than you and need the basic necessities to survive.

And Thank You for continuing to read this blog…I appreciate your patronage.

If you are a Black Friday shopper, be safe & courteous and click on the links of the fabulous offers I am promoting.

God Bless -

Green Blogger aka Alicia R Young


Natural Cures for a Cold: Stage 3 Stuffy Nose

It’s that time of year again….cold and flu season. Once a year or maybe more if you have a weak immune system, you’ll catch the common cold, a sinus infection, bronchitis or the flu. There is help for the common cold and sinus infection that will save you a trip to the doctor’s office and lots of money.

I experience 4 stages of a cold; first there’s the ticklish scratchy throat (time to start taking Vitamin C), which turns into a sore throat – Stage 1;  then the sore throat turns into sinus congestion with a sinus headache – Stage 2; after the sinus congestion (excessive runny nose) I get a stuffy nose for a few days, and finally hoarseness or laryngitis. However, my first defense against a cold or sinus infection is not prescription medicine (which do not cure the common cold anyway – science says), it’s Natural Cures for the Common Cold.

By taking an active and aggressive defense against the common cold bug, I can knock it out in just a few days. Plenty of rest is a key component of getting well again and back at 100 percent operating level.

This is my defense against the common cold or a sinus infection. Everything can be found at your local drug or grocery store.

Over the counter teas, vitamins, cough drops and tissues help alleviate the symptoms of a common cold and sinus infection.

Relieving a stuffy nose 101: 

Tissues – Spend a little more of the super soft kind. I prefer Puff’s line of tissues because they have an extra layer of softness that won’t leave my nose dry and sore.  Ensure you have a few extra boxes in your closet. I got through at least 2 small box of tissues in a few days. Keep 1 in your living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen (yes, the kitchen). These are the places where you will likely spend the most time as you recover from a cold.

Cough Drops – Opt for any flavor you choose; however, select the brand with Vitamin C and Zinc to get the most benefit. Hall’s has coupons for many of their cough drops with extra cold fighting vitamins. I keep several Halls’ Defense cough drops nearby at all times while fighting a stuffy nose. Soothing flavors keep my throat moist and my nasal passages open.

Vaporub – A menthol based salve will alleviate a stuffy or runny nose within a couple days. Popular Vick’s Vaporub works well for adults, but can be quite overwhelming for children. I prefer an Ohio based company, Skinner’s Vaporizing Salve, which is available in many drug stores or you can order online through the company’s website as well as Amazon. Rub a little behind your ears, on your chest, under your nose and on your feet (put on a pair of heavy cotton socks too). It’s best to do the all over body rub at night. However, you may also apply a warm compress to your chest such as a heating pad or warm washcloth.

Hot/Cold Liquids – Alternate between hot teas (try Traditional Medicinals Herba Tussin or Breathe Easy) and cold beverages such as water and sports drinks, which will prevent dehydration and keep mucous membranes moist. Note – do not over hydrate yourself, this will cause more work for your kidneys and liver. Read more info about this study here.

Saline Nasal Wash/Spray. Common store bought versions like the Neilmed Nasal Rinse that comes with pre-measured packets of a salt-baking soda mixture and a nasal wash bottle. You can also mix your own nasal wash using 1/4 teaspoon pure salt (should be iodine free) and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. Mix this together with warm, not hot water, and using a bulb syringe flush one nostril at a time (allow water to run out of other nostril). It will feel funny going up into your nasal passages at first – somewhat like getting water in your nose while swimming. Blow your nose after each nasal rinse and you should start feeling better after just a few times.

What do you find the most helpful when treating a cold or sinus infection? Post your responses below!


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