Earth Day 2014 Celebrates 44 Years!

One of my favorite un-holidays of the year. Besides St. Patrick’s Day, this is the best green-wearing day. Recognizing all the many ways to celebrate the Earth.

A few notable websites and initiatives that have encouraged me to become even more eco-friendly are:

Earth Day Network – a worldwide initiative in 192 [...]


Save on Personalized Greeting Cards

I really love this company and ordering personalized (paper) greeting cards is just one more way to make someone’s day special! Take advantage of this offer – you can order them all at once and personalize each one!

Tiny Prints 10 Free Thank You Cards

“Thank you.”

Two words not said enough, by bosses, [...]


Greener Living Celebrates 3 Years

Yeah! We are celebrating 3 years!

Thanks to all who have visited, read, shared, commented and mentioned this blog over the last 3 years! It’s a work of love and sometimes, yes, labor to push out a blog once a week or a couple times a month.

If anyone is interested in contributing blogs/articles to [...]

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