You Can Recycle or Reuse Jeans, Gift Cards, Cooking Oil and More

Do you have a few things in your possession that you don’t want but don’t want to just throw it in the trash?

I have several expired or used gift cards, holey jeans, broken cell phones, and miscellaneous cables and wires. How do I get rid of them without causing a burden on the environment?

If you look, you will find….it on!

Find how to recycle, reuse or re-purpose those odd things you might have.

Greener Living: Guide to the Best Links for Living a Green Life

I just found this great site that has some of the best links about everything on living a green life, I just had to share it with you too!

Check out the book as well – it’s an inspirational read too: It’s Easy Being Green (and we’re not talking about Kermit here either).

Green Matters – Links

What are you doing to live a greener life? You’ve made the right choice by reading this blog. We will continue to provide links, tips, thoughts, news and other healthy eco info here as well.