Pope Francis Pushes for Environmental Climate Change to Save the Poor

Pope Francis sets to transform climate change, wealth and poverty in light of environmental issues Thursday, June 18.

Pope Francis will address climate change and its effects on the world’s poverty.

Halleujah! Pope Francis, dare I say, “endorses” protecting the environment for the poor and the world for all of mankind this week.

Peter Turkson, the president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and close to the Pope, said in a recent speech, “I think a question that we are not asking ourselves is: isn’t humanity committing suicide with this indiscriminate and tyrannical use of nature? Safeguard creation because, if we destroy it, it will destroy us. Never forget this.”

The Pope’s letter will address much more than environmental issues, but also important matters to all of humanity. This is a letter that will speak volumes not only to Catholics but all of mankind. Archbishop Pedro Barreto Jimeno of Peru, one of the Pope’s advisors was quoted:

It will address the issue of inequality in the distribution of resources and topics such as the wasting of food and the irresponsible exploitation of nature and the consequences for people’s life and health.

The Pope’s letter comes at an opportune time, since he’ll be meeting with U. S. President Obama in September before his address to the US Congress and the UN general assembly concerning emissions among other controversial topics.

Read the entire article from The Guardian.

Welcome New Blogger, Kelly!


It’s been a work in progress, but I’ve hired one new blogger to keep this site updated monthly.

Please give a warm welcome to Kelly! We met many years ago in high school and we were reunited about a year ago when I relocated to my hometown. I’m soo excited to have her on board as a writer, friend and greener living advocate.

Kelly has dabbled in freelance writing, but nothing as exciting as Just About Greener Living. Her passions include baking her own bread and making food from scratch without additives or preservatives. “Passionate about using Scratch Cooking as a way to be healthier and healthier for the planet too,” Kelly says.

If she won the lottery, “I’d give everyone in my family professional mixers because they’ve been my most useful kitchen tool.”

Kelly is a true angel of the heart, she enjoys helping people out in any way she can whether it’s cooking a meal or donating some of her own canned food to just lending an ear.

A Random Act of Kindness Kelly likes is, “giving strangers a compliment to make their day.”

Look for blogs about her experiences and love of cooking, canning and other homesteading topics.

Got a question about the above topics for Kelly? Email kpelton@greenerlivingblog.com

Welcome to the Just About Greener Living family and advocating a healthier lifestyle for the planet!

Earth Day 2014 Celebrates 44 Years!


One of my favorite un-holidays of the year. Besides St. Patrick’s Day, this is the best green-wearing day. Recognizing all the many ways to celebrate the Earth.

A few notable websites and initiatives that have encouraged me to become even more eco-friendly are:

Earth Day Network – a worldwide initiative in 192 countries taking action to protect our planet. Schools, organizations, and individuals pledge their green acts of kindness. Buy Earth Day T-shirts, evaluate your Ecological footprint, and so much more.

I took the Ecological footprint quiz – my results based on questions such as my grocery buying habits (buy produce vs. packaged goods, local vs. regional), living accommodations, travel/commuting, recycling, etc. My footprint is: According to my lifestyle, if everyone lived like me, we’d need 3.6 Earths to provide enough resources (ouch!) To support my lifestyle, it takes 15.9 global acres of the Earth’s productive area (16.1 tons of carbon dioxide) – btw – I do not a consume meat or dairy frequently either. What can I do to reduce my footprint? Travel by airplane less, take a local vacation (I usually do), reduce amount of animal products by ½ that I eat, and most importantly, purchase products that use less packaging or were made out of 100% post-consumer recycled content. – Take the quiz, what’s your footprint say about your lifestyle?

Earth Hour – A call for action against climate change held annually on or around March 27. Participants turn off their lights for 1 hour. I’ve seen many businesses do this as well. Put it on your calendar for next year and spread the word.

Earth911 – An invaluable resource for finding what is recyclable and where to recycle your items as well as articles on reusing items and news.

Green Living Tips – A blog resource for many green and eco friendly news, how to’s, simple living, impact of sustainable living and more. This was one of the blogs that encouraged me to get this site live on the web-o-sphere! (Thank you!)

Shipping Container Homes – I don’t remember where or when I first saw my first one, but this is my passion now – to self-finance and build a shipping container home. One of the most eco friendly and affordable homes to build. You’ll be seeing more of these in the next few years in the U. S., I’m sure! I have a huge Pinterest board filled with shipping container images, exterior and interior designs. Find and follow me on Pinterest.

Earth Day News Articles and Information

This year marks the 44th anniversary of celebrating Earth Day in the U.S. Read about the first Earth Day celebration and how it has become a worldwide event, activities for teachers and students, and more!

Earth Day 2014: How It Became a Global Environmental Event – National Geographic

What is Earth Day 2014? – The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Earth Day Activities – Scholastic

Earth Day Freebies – WRAL

How are you contributing to reduce your global footprint? Preserve the Earth’s resources? Reduce waste or other contributions for the Earth this year? Share your activities here!

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Greener Living Celebrates 3 Years

Yeah! We are celebrating 3 years!

Thanks to all who have visited, read, shared, commented and mentioned this blog over the last 3 years! It’s a work of love and sometimes, yes, labor to push out a blog once a week or a couple times a month.

If anyone is interested in contributing blogs/articles to this site, I welcome anything related to greener, healthier living & will add your name as Featured Blogger! Sorry, there is no compensation other than having your name below your post, but we do have a faithful following!

Cheers to us & you….sip something green and refreshing AND NOT from a plastic bottle please!



Healthy Food Combinations

Need an Energy Boost, Lose a Few Pounds, or Increase Mental Clarity?

We all know that certain foods when combined together will give us an energy boost in the afternoon when we need to get through the day, or help us lose a few pounds (or more) to fit into that new dress or pants for a special party; however, these foods change (it seems) from year to year.

I read so many of these “superfoods” that it makes me dizzy just reading so much and then I forget what I should eat and when. Sometimes I think I should just carry a notepad with me to keep track of everything.

However, I did read an article in the recent issue of All You, that is simple to remember, only combines 2 foods and you only need to remember the combinations that you need.

Try a Meatless Monday dinner with this black bean and red pepper dish - cornbread salad. Courtesy of Ezrapoundcake.com

Good for the Waistline

Whole-grain toast with cinnamon. Think of your childhood cinnamon toast (one of my absolute faves too), but without all the sugar. Since whole-grain bread doesn’t make your blood sugar spike and make you hungry again so soon, this is a good breakfast treat. Butter your toast and sprinkle with a little cinnamon, which is also known to help keep you alert and focused.

Boost Immune System

Black beans and bell peppers. Black beans are full of iron that helps increase your immune system; however, the plant-based protein is harder to absorb unless you add vitamin C. Red bell peppers are an excellent source of Vitamin C. So combine these two plants together whether you’re making a salad, salsa, chili or mixing them with rice. (These 2 are a staple in my cupboards and frig!)

Increase Mental Clarity

Blueberries and strawberries. Truly brain food in these fruits. Increase memory, mental clarity and may even reduce feelings of depression. Opt for a 1/2 cup each of blueberries and strawberries every day. Blueberry juice is also another way to boost your memory (ensure you are drinking 100% and not mostly high fructose corn syrup).



#DIY Household Fixes with Items You Already Own

Anytime I read an article, see or hear a tip about using everyday household items to replace another store bought chemical or cleaner, I am ecstatic. So when the email subject line “xx Ways to Make Your Old Stuff New” begged me to open it, I just couldn’t resist!

I’m sharing my favorites with you.

Banana Peels – Before you throw in the compost bin, use the inner banana peels to banish scuff marks on leather and silverware. Then wipe with a cloth to remove any banana residue.

Toothpaste – Not only good to fight against cavities, but also works well with jewelry and filling holes. White toothpaste can be used to fill in small nail holes on white walls. Remember this when you’re ready to move out of your apartment or rental house so you can retain more of your deposit.

White Bread – Remove the crusts and you have a wallpaper cleaner. Tear into bite sized pieces to remove grime, fingerprints and small smudges. Who knew??

Vinegar – Another reason to keep a gallon of this gem in your cupboard; combine vinegar and salt into a  paste and apply to bathroom tile and faucets to remove lime buildup. Need a drain cleaner? Pour 1/4 cup baking soda in your drains, then follow with 1 cup of vinegar. Set for about 15 minutes, then pour a pot of boiling water down the drain.

WD-40 – Spray on stainless steel and wipe with a clean cloth for a spotless shine.


What other tips have you heard about and tried that worked? Share your tips here!




Electric Vehicles Create More #Green in Corporate Fleets

Electric Charging Station

This is so encouraging to hear that more corporate giants are seeking out eco friendly and inexpensive ways to transport goods using electric vehicles.

Frito-Lay added 5 electric delivery vehicles for its NoCal distribution area in addition to their already huge inventory of electric vehicles. Part of PepisCo’s goal to “build the greenest fleet in North America,” Frito-Lay is just one of the companies under PepsiCo’s umbrella.

Other mega-corporations are going greener every year by adding flex fuel or electric vehicles (EV’s) include Comcast Corp, State Farm Insurance Company, AT&T, Eli Lilly, Schwan’s, FedEx, FP&L, Verizon, UPS and PepsiCo.

Read the original article in its entirety at GreenBiz.com

Even my son who is attending a private college in Michigan showed me where his college has EV charging ports for the vehicles the college owns.

So in the next 5-10 years will more EV ports be popping up amongst fuel pumps?


FDA Considers #BPA Ban on Canned Foods Although Not Proven Harmful to Humans

Bisphenol-A, BPA, used in many plastic food containers as well as food and beverage can linings is being investigated for a possible ban. The FDA is working under a March 31, 2012 court ordered deadline asking for a petition to regulate the banning of BPA when used in food containers. BPA, when used in canned goods, extends the life of the food/beverage in the container, however, it has come under scrutiny about its safety for human consumption.

Currently, there is no other alternative for preserving canned food and beverages that has been tested and safe for human consumption. Although several larger research studies have found that “under normal consumer use” there are no harmful effects of BPA on humans, there have been some studies on animals where BPA has had some negative effects.

Read the entire article on Forbes.com.

Personally, I still do not trust the coatings in many canned foods, however, I do still rely on many canned items for sustenance. I haven’t had the opportunity to begin canning my own foods yet either, but as far as safety goes, this may be the year I start.

#Plastic News: Biomass Packaging Adds Modular, Single-Serve Food Packaging Made from Ingeo

California’s Excellent Packaging adds crystal-clear modular, single-serve cold cups, lids to its line of compostable food service products; packaging is made entirely from NatureWorks’ PLA-based Ingeo biopolymer.

Source: PRWeb.com

California’s Excellent Packaging adds crystal-clear modular, single-serve cold cups, lids to its line of compostable foodservice products; packaging is made entirely from NatureWorks’ PLA-based Ingeo biopolymer.

RICHMOND, California, February 29, 2012 (press release) – BioMass Packaging®, a division of Excellent Packaging, an innovator and wholesale distributor of sustainable, biodegradable, and nature-based packaging for foodservice and other applications, has added modular, single-serve food containers, to its line of compostable foodservice solutions. Made entirely from NatureWorks® Ingeo biopolymer — a PLA-based material — the new Greenware® crystal-clear cold cups and lids transform a regular cup into a versatile food packaging carry-all, giving foodservice operators endless possibilities for merchandising breakfast foods, lunch combos, and all-day snacks.

Fresh and nutritious snack foods and small meals are increasingly popular with busy, on-the-go consumers, who expect to find appealing grab-and-go foods in their favorite coffee shop, convenience store, supermarket or hotel snack shop. Snacks and meals such as parfait+granola+fruit combos, fruit+yogurt, chips+salsa, and salad+croutons+dressing, are now easy to package and present with BioMass Packaging’s modular system, which consists of a basic cup, an insert with a secure lid, and either a flat or domed lid that snaps on tight.

“There has never before been a cup insert made from Ingeo, and this has prevented food service operators who use green and bio-based packaging from offering grab-and-go combinations to their customers. Now, they can increase profitability while meeting their commitment to sustainability,” said Allen King, president of California-based Excellent Packaging, the exclusive North American distributor of the new cups and inserts. “What’s great about this modular system is that it can be used to present foods that need to be combined just before eating, in a convenient, sustainable, nature-based package. This attractive packaging solution delivers a really eye-catching food presentation — we think it’s going to be a huge hit with hotels, delis, coffee shops and supermarkets.”

An executive chef at a five-star hotel in Truckee, California, that is piloting the new cups, inserts and domed lids, sees their potential for broadening the hotel’s range of foods. “The customers at our casual dining restaurant are often looking for a quick and nutritious meal they can grab without sitting down for table service, or to consume later. We’re now offering parfaits in this new packaging, and if these are successful, we expect to expand to include salads, fruits and cheeses. Being in Lake Tahoe, guests expect us to use environmentally friendly packaging, and this was a key criterion when we selected these cups.”

Flexible system addresses the needs of any food service operation:
■ Up to three different ingredients can be offered in one grab-and-go format
■ Cup insert works with multiple cup and lid sizes to enable endless menu options
■ The insert may be flush-filled and covered with a flat lid, or covered with a dome lid that can also be filled with a meal ingredient
■ Inserts are suitable for heat sealing with most cup sizes
■ Custom notch design allows for easy insert removal
■ Compostable – every element of the packaging is made from plant-based Ingeo PLA plastic.

Presentation and availability
The new Ingeo-based cups and inserts are sold in cases of 1,000 units and are available for immediate delivery. They can be ordered wholesale direct from Excellent Packaging or from the company’s BiomassPackagingStore.com online store. To learn more about the comprehensive range of bio-based, sustainable foodservice packaging products offered by Excellent Packaging, or to enquire about volume pricing, call (800) 317-2737 or email sales@excellentpackaging.com. A PDF-format brochure is available online.

About BioMass Packaging
BioMass Packaging (http://www.biomasspackaging.com) specializes in offering sustainable packaging solutions for foodservice operators that want to reduce their impact on the environment. The company is a division of Excellent Packaging (http://www.excellentpackaging.com), a wholesale distribution company that specializes in nature-based packaging for foodservice and other applications. Excellent Packaging brings decades of experience to research, source and deliver custom bio-based and traditional packaging and foodservice products that enable companies to integrate sustainable foodservice solutions into their business. Follow us on Facebook (BioMassPackaging) and Twitter (@BioMassPackage).