About Greener Living

Greener Living began as just a topic and category on my free WordPress blog in 2008, FreespiritWriter.wordpress.com, which later became FreespiritWriter.com. The topic grew as I became more educated about really changing my lifestyle to benefit the earth and in just a few months the topic was a central part of my blog. Thanks to loyal followers and a few blogs about popular subjects, FreespiritWriter.com shot up to the top of the search engines with “BPA free plastics.”

Now was the time to separate the Green from the rest of my eclectic blog topics, so  GreenerLiving.wordpress.com came along, followed soon by another upgrade and redesign with GreenerLivingBlog.com. Two redesigns later, additions of an Amazon store and other affiliates as well as numerous plugins and widgets to capitalize and promote Greener Living across the social media realm РFacebook, Twitter, etc. Рwe are still at the top of the search engines for many popular topics and thanks to you Рreaders, followers, family and friends for encouraging Alicia R Young to keep on educating, advocating, and writing about environmental issues, dangers and healthy living Рthis website is what it is today!

Unlike FreespiritWriter.com, this site is “Just About Greener Living.” I hope you will come back and read often.

I do not work for any green companies nor do I claim that all information contained within these blogs are completely accurate because I derive most of my information from other sites as well as my own Greener Living experiences. If you find any inconsistencies or find more accurate information, please tell me and I will correct/update as necessary.

Feel free to post comments, links or apply to be a guest blogger! Please email info@greenerlivingblog.com and Twitter too http://Twitter.com/JustBGreen

Remember: It only takes one person to influence the actions of another, so encourage your family, friends and co-workers to green their routines by changing or starting just one thing: recycle aluminum cans, buy a reusable steel water bottle, use cloth napkins instead of paper ones, etc.