Planting an Eclectic Organic #Garden

I do not have a “green thumb” and all my organic gardening attempts have been experiments. This is my 3rd year of experimenting with growing veggies, herbs and flowers in a small space and without use of pesticides. If nothing dies, I feel successful.

A couple ideas I have incorporated into my organic garden experience this year began at the end of last season. First, I wrote down a simple list of plants and how well they did. Second, I wrote down what I wanted to plant again the following year. Third, I collected seeds from local farm produce I bought throughout the summer to plant the following summer. And finally, I read, Pinned, and read more about gardening ideas throughout the winter and spring months.

This year, I didn’t plant as much. However, what I did plant will be abundant – bell peppers and herbs. I didn’t plant any flowers last year, but my next door neighbor did. I wanted my front space to look equally as appealing and under the old mulch was an abundance of hard working earthworms. Why let good soil be covered by mulch again?

I planted spinach, cucumber, red bell pepper and cantaloupe with the seeds I collected last summer. The cucumber seeds have sprouted already! And I built a simple vertical herb garden with 2 steel buckets I found at various flea markets last year. (My favorite part of the garden this year.) Also, found a couple used window boxes and ceramic drainage sections to use.

Vertical Herb garden with 2 stainless steel buckets and organic soil.

One failed attempt last year was use of pallets, but I’m reusing them this year as a trellis for the viney plants. Another idea was to plant onions that had already started to sprout in my cupboard. Celery can also be started in water, then transferred to the ground.

It’s my eclectic garden this year. Some new ideas, a few old ideas, but all an experiment in a little space.

What have you tried with success or failed attempts to grow?