Natural Ways to Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Found this helpful article on Natural Home and Garden website and wanted to share it with you. I’m a 4 season allergy sufferer myself, but when the humidity is high they are even worse in the spring and summer.

Do note that if you have allergies to pollen and other types of flowers, you’ll want to skip the remedy and opt for something else.

Nasal rinses are good for alleviating clogged sinuses and itchy noses. You can buy or make your own nasal rinses using salt and baking soda, dissolve in warm water, then add to a Neti Pot or sinus irrigation bulb.

Here are a few other natural ways to cure those annoying allergy symptoms.

Relieve congestion with horseradish. Steep several spoonfuls of the grated root in a bowl of boiling water or soup stock. Drink and breathe in the pungent aroma. Also try peppermint tea. The sweetness of peppermint combined with the natural menthol helps alleviate congestion and clears nasal passages.

Congestive coughs? Try crushing some anise (1-2 teaspoons) seeds, add to boiling water allow to steep like tea and drink. Also may add anise essential oil to peppermint tea, sweeten to taste. The expectorant qualities of Elder Flower along with vitamins A, B and C make a great tea to relieve coughs and congestion.

Itchy eyes are the most annoying type of allergy symptom. Try soothing itchy eyes with cool, wet Chamomile tea bags placed on your eyelids. (Do not use if you have allergies to ragweed.)  You might also try Stinging Nettle tea or capsules from fresh freeze dried leaves. Stinging nettle is known for reducing the histamine produced from some allergens.

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  1. I’ve read that eating a spoonful of local honey every day can help you build immunity to pollen allergies . . . but I don’t know whether that’s true or just bee keepers trying to sell honey!

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