Plastic Food Storage Bags Recyclable?

Struggling with cutting down or eliminating reusable plastic? I stopped using plastic wrap a few years ago; however, I still haven’t kicked the reclosable plastic food storage bags.  I often buy the ziplock bags so I can wash and reuse them a few times to maximize their use and reduce waste.

How often do you use reclosable sandwich or freezer storage bags?

Feeling guilty by throwing away plastic storage bags, I only use them when I don’t have another option such as a glass food storage container. So, a package of 25 sandwich bags will last me about a month or two and even a box of 15 quart sized freezer bags will last at least a month or longer if I can wash and reuse them.

But can you recycle reclosable food storage bags?

Answer: Yes!


Oftentimes grocery stores will have plastic grocery bag recycling bins outside that will also accept clean reclosable plastic bags. Some municipalities will also accept clean food storage bags. Still not sure? Check out this

Comment about your use of plastic food storage bags or someone you know. Do they have other uses besides food? I’d love to share your ideas with my readers!