#BPA Free Thanksgiving: Avoid Canned Foods

Harmful Bisphenol-A Found in Many Canned Foods

I know many of you have probably already hit the grocery aisles for canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, corn and more; however, there is a new report from the Breast Cancer Fund that states:

“tremendous variability in BPA levels in the canned foods we tested…consumers have no way of knowing how much BPA is in the canned food they’re buying and consuming.”

Canned Foods Do Contain BPA (not all cans in picture contain BPA).

Not only do certain kinds of plastics contain the harmful chemical BPA, but also the lining in many canned foods. The lining is more like a protective layer between the aluminum or steel and the food; however, different types of foods have different amounts of BPA within the linings, so as you open the 4 cans of creamed corn and 3 cans of green beans in preparation for casseroles, you could be ingesting higher levels of BPA without ever knowing it.

The Breast Cancer Fund’s goal is for food manufacturers to seek safer alternatives. BPA has been linked to breast cancer as well as several other health conditions found in food packaging and plastic food containers. Support the Cans Not Cancer campaign, and do your part by buying less canned food this holiday season (and throughout the year).

Canned Food Alternatives for Thanksgiving

1. Buy fresh local produce. You will be supporting local farmers and growers and have peace of mind that you’re giving back to your community.

2. Buy food in alternative packages. Choose frozen corn kernels and green beans for traditional Thanksgiving casseroles. Choose fresh mushrooms instead of canned and Tetra Pak cartons for vegetable stock and cream.

3. Plan other side dishes not made with canned food. Start preparing side dishes the day before and make them from scratch. Ask other friends or family members to help out or bring a dish to share.

Remember, just because it’s not listed as an ingredient or a warning on the label doesn’t mean BPA is not in your food. Be safe, be healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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