How to Recycle Old VHS Tapes

I”m helping to sort, sift and toss old VHS tapes, books, toys, and so forth from my Mother’s house as she downsizes and moves into a smaller place.

After sorting through dozens of childhood VHS tapes, and half of which I didn’t want to keep since they were taped from various CartoonNetwork shows, TV shows that I just don’t want to keep anymore. So what do I do with them?

I don’t want to just throw them in the trash either.

Here are a few crafty and places to recycle these relics of “old” aka 1980’s & 1990’s from

Weekly #Coupon Circular #Deals in Cleveland May 22-29, 2011

Spotted a few super duper deals in a local Cleveland grocery and pharmacy store circulars for this week, and I wanted to share them with you!

Deals store: $1 for Animal Crackers – plain and frosted

Walgreens: $.59 for Wyler’s & Snapple to go 8pk box, limit 6 (visit everyday to maximize these savings or take a friend so you can buy more)

ACME grocery: 3 day sale on bottled drinks including 32 oz Powerade for only $.59, limit 15 (maximize your buying power and shop each of the 3 days – Fri, Sat & Sun!)

Got a coupon for one or all these items? Great use them & save even more!

Couponing – Remember Your Eco-Ethics

Do clip & save every week with coupons? I used to do it every week when I was younger and had diapers, formula and baby items to buy; however, as my income increased somehow I stopped doing it so much.

Recently I started again – as part of a new “hobby” it seems like. My friend told me about TLC’s Extreme Couponing show and I watched clips of it online. Some of those couples and families have a lot of time & know how to shop & save money. One family of 4 tallied up more than $5oo worth of groceries…2-3 grocery carts full, and through using coupons both from the grocery store and manufacturer’s coupons along with the discount card through the grocery chain…their final bill? 6 bucks! Yeah, really!

Ok, so I wanted to know how much I could save from our localĀ  grocery chains versus shopping at Aldi Foods every month – with coupons of course.

This is not for the super busy family, couponing takes time…it took me 4 or 5 hours to collect coupon inserts (multiple newspapers), sort & clip, research which stores had the best buys for the coupons I had and items I needed. Couponing works best when you can buy in multiples and triples of items since the goal is to stock up on items. This is where my “eco ethics” kicks in.

I’m not keen on buying plastic bottles of any kind if I can help it especially if they have a 5 on the bottom (not recyclable in my area). So when it came about that I had 2 $1.50 coupon off 5 SoBe bottles…I only bought 5 and not 10. Surprisingly, these bottles were recyclable (2 on the bottom), but not so with the yogurt cups and other items that I could really save money on.

Challenged to save money and maintain my eco-ethics always makes me think twice before I put something in my cart, and it should make you think twice too!

Buying cans or glass containers over plastic is a choice for me because I know they easily recyclable as well as reusable and I feel better about not contributing to the production and consumption of plastic. Do remember the ecological consequences of buying small items in bulk even with coupons!