#BPA Free #Coffee Pot Makes Better Coffee

What do you make your daily java in? For years I owned a small 4 cup plastic base coffee maker, handed down from someone else in my family. My mom had a similar one as well, until the glass carafe broke. Do you have a traditional peculator? Love those too.

Awhile back I wrote a blog about the dangers of plastic coffee pots – the BPA type of dangers – the chemical that has been proven to cause Cancer. If you own one of these plastic coffee makers, it’s time you made the switch. There are excellent alternatives to BPA plastic coffee brews, a few manufacturers do use BPA free plastic (however, you’re still contributing to the production of plastic), but the best alternative is to buy a Bodum French Press.

If you relish the rich taste of fresh pressed coffee – just like those swanky coffee shops in San Fran & Seattle, you’re gonna love the French Press. It takes a little getting used to – you only need ground coffee and hot water – no filter! The entire French Press carafe is made from glass with only minimal plastic which IS BPA free. It’s completely washable, and you can make up to 8 cups (4 oz) at a time.

My mother received one for Christmas from Amazon, and she has adjusted to it after only a few uses. Bodum’s French Press is now on sale through my AmazonStore, so just click on the green Amazon box on the left column & you’ll be eligible not only for the sale price, but also for the super saver shipping with any purchase over $25 or click here too!

The Cuisinart Brew Central 12 cup programmable coffee pot is also on sale at 43% of retail price! This is a great addition to your eco friendly kitchen and appliances. Buy now and Save!

50 Healthy Tofu Recipes – Tofu Fried Rice

You can create this simple fried rice dish with whatever veggies you have on hand, tofu chunks and brown rice for a filling and healthy meal.

Next in my journey of finding 50 recipes using tofu as a substitute for meat or dairy is this simple fried rice dish. Use whatever veggies you have on hand whether they are fresh or frozen. It is recommended to use brown rice instead of white rice, but it is your choice.

Fried rice and any 1 pan Chinese dish are my favorite recipes to make because they are simple and I don’t have to worry about timing other foods to be done at the same time. I find 1 pot meals fill me up more than separately cooked foods too.

#49 Tofu Fried Rice

What you need:

1 nonstick skillet or wok

2 teaspoons olive or canola oil (your preference here)

1/2 cup diced red bell pepper (roasted red bell pepper works well too)

1 cup sliced mushrooms – I use the stems too

2  garlic cloves, chopped (or use 1 t. minced garlic)

1 onion, chopped or diced

3 cups cooked brown rice (1 cup uncooked rice = 3 cups cooked)

1 cup silken extra firm tofu, chopped in 1/2-inch cubes (you may also fry these in olive oil before adding to the dish)

1 bag of your choice of frozen mixed or stir fry vegetables*

Low sodium soy or fish sauce

White pepper (or your choice of herbs)

Cooking Directions:

1. Heat oil in large skillet or wok over medium high heat.

2. Add red bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic until nearly tender, about 2-3 minutes.

3. Add 3 cups cooked brown rice; stir fry about 3 minutes.

4. Reduce heat to medium, add frozen veggie mix; stir fry until defrosted.

5. Add soy or fish sauce, pepper and herbs, if used. Stir fry about 2 minutes.

6. Add tofu cubes, and gently stir until tofu is warm.

Adjust seasonings and soy/fish sauce to taste.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

More tofu recipes:

Tofu Chocolate Mousse

50 Healthy Tofu Recipes – Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Learn to make a simple chocolate mousse recipe using Silken tofu and you can substitute different types of chocolate including white chocolate if you choose. A delicious dessert that even non-vegetarians will love.

This is my new direction for living a healthier and vegetarian lifestyle. I am not a total dedicated vegetarian since I occasionally still have chicken or beef, but it is my challenge to find 50 recipes that I can substitute meat or dairy for tofu.

Follow me on my journey to living and eating healthier, it’s the greener living road to health.

#50 Tofu Chocolate Mousse

This is a simple recipe and you can substitute different types of chocolate including white chocolate if you choose.

What you need:

1 food processor or blender

2-4 custard or small bowls

1-2 cups of firm Silken tofu, cut in chunks

Honey (or your choice of sweetner)

2-3 Tablespoons cocoa powder*


1. Put tofu chunks, honey and cocoa powder in food processor or blender.

2. Mix until smooth and all tofu is completely mixed with cocoa powder.

3. Taste test for sweetness, add more honey if desired. Mix again.

4. Evenly distribute mixture into custard bowls.

5. Place in freezer or refrigerator for 1 hour or until mousse is set.

6. Remove from freezer, and serve with whipped topping, crushed graham crackers or vanilla wafers if desired.

Enjoy! Mmmmm….so creamy & good for you too!

*Substitute 6-8 ounces baking chocolate chips, or semi-sweet chocolate chips for the cocoa powder. Melt chips in microwave at 50% power or in a pan on the stove on low heat until melted. Add honey and stir, then add to tofu in blender or food processor. Using cocoa powder or chocolate chips will depend on your dietary preferences.

I also found this version of Chocolate Mousse from the FoodNetworkTV – another way to fix this delicious dessert.