Being Frugal is not Being Cheap, It’s Simple Living

For those of us who aren’t in the uppermost income bracket, we sometimes have to make choices about how we spend our money. Being frugal is not being “cheap,” it’s about making choices so that you have more of something else.

The Frugal Goddess explains the meaning of being frugal…

I have heard from a number of people that they just don’t like the word “frugal”. It seems to conjure up images of reusing tea bags and saving hundreds of empty boxes. But neither of these things are what frugality is really about. It is not cheapness or hoarding. Or even clipping coupons necessarily, though that would be frugal if you were going to buy that item anyhow and the coupon price really was the best deal.

The opposite of frugality is waste, not luxury. It is about getting the maximum out of available resources. For the poor frugality is a necessity. But that doesn’t mean it is only for the poor. In fact, being wasteful can make us poorer, and conserving our resources (frugality) can make us richer. Except for the new high tech millionaires every rich person you can name is either frugal or has an ancestor that was. The one who made the fortune.

The best model for frugality is nature herself. She wastes nothing, and yet is exquisitely abundant. And considering the shape the environment is in the new frugality is essential to restoring the balance of nature with the least pain to humankind.

Frugal is the new green.

So are you living a simple life and practicing frugality – not being wasteful of your resources?

2 thoughts on “Being Frugal is not Being Cheap, It’s Simple Living”

  1. Frugal = not a word that applies to Americans at large. It’s unfortunate that we have become the people that epitomize materialism and over abundance of everything. In the end it has hurt us and we still don’t seem to have learned the lesson.

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