Be a #Green Shopper on #Black #Friday – Shop Online

I had my first Black Friday 2010 experience this morning at 12:25 am at a Walmart in Wauseon, Ohio. The parking lot was full and then some. The entire town was dark except for the looming lights in the Walmart parking lot.

As my son and I approached the automatic doors to the monstrous million dollar store, I realized that I was 24 minutes too late to grab the 4 items I really wanted & make my claim in one of the check-out lines. The lines of carts snaked through all the main aisles and a few of the short grocery aisles. While other aisles were roped off and impassable even without a cart.

After winding through several dozen shoppers & finding dead ends to maneuver our way to where I thought those few items I wanted would be. We “Abandoned cart!” and our intentions. I found a friendly Walmart customer service agent and politely asked where I might find 2 of the 4 items I was looking for. He gazed up from his Black Friday ad, and pointed to one of the main aisles where the eye-catching red boxes were laid out; however, the crossing guard dressed Walmart employee said the Egyptian cotton towels were probably already sold out and taken to the back. He didn’t know about the other item.

Alas, my son and I squeezed back through the main aisles of scant filled carts and early morning shoppers to the EXIT and leave the store for the night.

Our 15 minutes in this Walmart store proved to be futile, and I decided that online shopping would be less stressful, save gas & I wouldn’t have to stand in outrageous long lines to save a few bucks.

Thank you,!

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