10 Ways to Recycle Your Coffee Grounds

You love your coffee whether it’s from a French Press or your 10 cup percolator (I hope you have given up your harmful plastic coffee pot by now). However, if you’re like me and really despise dumping those used grounds in the trash, then I have a x ways for you to reduce your waste and reuse those coffee grounds.

I still wish coffee grounds could be used again, but after I tried brewing another small pot with the same grounds and tasted the second round, I decided coffee grounds are a “one time use only” kind of product. How unfortunate.

Reduce your waste, and reuse coffee pot grounds.

Green ways to reuse your coffee grounds (from my friends at The Greenest Dollar)

  • Save coffee grounds in one of your tin or aluminum coffee containers. Once a week add water to make a “coffee ground tea”, and then pour it on your flower beds or potted plants. Coffee grounds add much needed nitrogen to the soil, and will make your plants happy.
  • Repel plant pests by piling your coffee grounds around the base of your outside plants.
  • Add used coffee grounds to your compost pile. And if you’re vermi-posting (using worms), then you can toss your grounds in there as well. Worms love coffee grounds. Invest in a smaller worm compost for use inside your home or apartment, which is at the top of my Amzon wish list this year (hint, hint).
  • Reuse coffee grounds to keep your drains smelling fresh (pour the grounds down the drain, and immediately follow with at least 5 cups of boiling water; this will keep it from clogging). Your drains will smell like French vanilla or pumpkin spice if you use these for your coffee.
  • Coffee grounds also make a great dye for fabric and paper.
  • Coffee grounds can be used as an abrasive cleaner. Mix them with a little bit of water, and then scrub them on the surface with a stiff brush. Remember, coffee grounds are also a dye. You don’t want to do this on light colored fabrics, or countertops that stain easily.
  • You can also reuse your coffee grounds as a skin exfoliator, especially on your hands after you’ve handled smelly fish or pungent onions. The smell of the coffee can help remove those odors off your skin.
  • Ants don’t like coffee grounds. If you’ve got an ant pile, or an ant line, in your yard, then sprinkle the grounds around them and they’ll move on.

Other ways to reuse coffee grounds

  • I’ve been looking for an alternative hair conditioner and coffee grounds can be used instead of store bought conditioning treatments to give your hair that soft and shiny. (Caution: I would not use coffee grounds on light, blonde or bleached hair because coffee is a dye too.) Apply a small handful of used coffee grounds into your wet tresses and then rinse throughly. I’ll also have to try this after Monday’s coffee pot of grounds as a color touch up to my dark brown hair.
  • Another home beauty facial can be made with used coffee grounds and egg whites for an eco-friendly and home made skin-tightening facial mask.

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