The Dangers of Plastic Coffee Pots

Learn more about which products are BPA free and ones that could be potentially harmful to your health. If you must use plastic coffee makers or pots, ensure they are BPA free.

Is Your Coffee Pot BPA Free? What Toxins are You Drinking Everyday?

french press coffee maker
French Press available from is BPA free.

According to the Mother Nature Network, “the main problem with BPA is that it’s a synthetic female hormone. It often winds up bonding with some animals’ estrogen receptors, tricking them into producing estrogen-like reactions such as starting puberty in females or shrinking reproductive organs in males.” More research has found that humans have exhibited negative reactions from BPA in their bodies “such as increased aggression in young girls or sexual dysfunction in adult men. But one of BPA’s most troubling side effects is its tendency to cause earlier puberty and breast development in female mice: Both are precursors to breast cancer in humans, and both are also inexplicably happening to the U.S.”

At first, people didn’t think BPA would be a hazard to our health; however, “due to the relatively weak chemical connections, called ester bonds, that link it with its fellow monomers.” Thus these bonds can be broken with heat, an acid or a base such as warming the plastic container in a microwave or through plastic components in a coffee pot.

There are other options for brewing your morning fix, remember your parents’ and grandparents’ method of brewing a “hot cup of Joe”? My grandmother boiled water on the stove and then steeped her coal black coffee in a metal pot. Invest in an eco-friendly coffee pot or French Press for single servings.

Other types of coffee makers and filters that are reported to be BPA free include:

Hamilton Beach Brew Station – according to one source

Coffee Percolators

Chemex Coffee Makers (looks like a chemistry tool)

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Most of the above coffee makers can be purchased on, if not at your local big box stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Costco and Best Buy. More valuable information about plastic coffee pots and other harmful plastics from

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